Is Your Thermostat Malfunctioning?

Is Your Thermostat Malfunctioning?

Rely on us for thermostat repair in Peabody & Lynn, MA

If your HVAC system is cutting off before it reaches the right temperature or your thermostat display is unresponsive, you need to reach out to ACM Service for thermostat repair services. Our HVAC contractor provides swift and affordable services designed to get your thermostat back on track. With our help, you'll be comfortable again in no time.

Call now to schedule thermostat repair services in the Peabody or Lynn, MA area. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.

We can repair all kinds of thermostats

Our HVAC contractor has over 30 years of experience and knows how to repair a wide range of thermostat models. He'll work on your:

  • Programmable model
  • Nonprogrammable model
  • Touch-screen unit


We can also repair thermostats that control multiple zones. Contact our HVAC contractor right away to schedule an appointment. We work with homeowners and business owners in the Peabody & Lynn, MA area.